Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Any idea how many people get online a day?

This info is taken from an ebook from Internet Marketing Center by Derek Gehl:

Recent data from Internet World Stats reveals there are almost 1.1 BILLION Web users worldwide conducting over 210 BILLION searches per day across the search engines.

Imaging there are even more users each day who get online, who spend a few hours a day surfing the internet (which translates to a hundred hours or more per month). If we can get them to build this global community, AGLOCO, can you even visualize the potential of making some good money online by simply surfing?


sabahscubadive said...

You very 'li-hai'. Now you got me under you. i serve 8-12 hours daily. O.K. lah, gonna sign up now.


Mana li-hai. Got to learn from you great guys!

Anonymous said...

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