Monday, August 13, 2007

The Agloco Possibilities!

This slide show is created after seeing a great agloco webblog by a Simon, who has done a fantastic job of promoting Agloco. Thanks Simon for an excellent job well done!

Fellow Bloggers Who Promote Agloco

There are a great number of bloggers who think that Agloco and its innovative Viewbar program is a great program to join in quickly. Among them I would like to mention is a Mr. John Chow, who has actually called himself The John Chow Dot Com Mogul, whose blog site should not be missed by anyone who is serious about blogging or who is at least enthused to continue blogging. And if you are currently looking for ways and means to improve your blogging experience and hoping to make some money online, this pdf file (Making Money Online With John Chow Dot Com) by John Chow should not be a miss. It will sure fire you up for a exciting, or better still, a prosperous blogging experience.

Another great guy worth mentioning is a Mr. Simon with a great blog! His slide creation at the beginning is captivating and in my opinion compelling for one to immediate sign on to Agloco. :-)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Any idea how many people get online a day?

This info is taken from an ebook from Internet Marketing Center by Derek Gehl:

Recent data from Internet World Stats reveals there are almost 1.1 BILLION Web users worldwide conducting over 210 BILLION searches per day across the search engines.

Imaging there are even more users each day who get online, who spend a few hours a day surfing the internet (which translates to a hundred hours or more per month). If we can get them to build this global community, AGLOCO, can you even visualize the potential of making some good money online by simply surfing?

Friday, August 3, 2007

Do You Realize How Valuable You Are?

Advertisers, search providers, and online retailers are paying billions to reach you while you surf. How much of that money are you getting?

Millions of people all over the world are making money online. But they risk also with their money and very often lose them!

You Deserve A Piece of the Action

Agloco gets paid by companies to reach their Members through their
Viewbar™ software.They give that money back to us. Agloco aim is to help all people to make money without any risk.

With just a computer and few hours a month, YOU CAN TOO!

whenever you are online, either surfing, blogging, clicking on an ad, making a purchase, all the money generated by your activities is pocketed by a small number of players.

Agloco they say not anymore!

Build the Community, Make More Money

Through their
Referral Program, their reward those who are helping to build this Global Community. The bigger the community, the more money AGLOCO makes for its Members.

What's the Catch? No catch

Sign up, refer your friends, download the free Viewbar™ software and surf the Internet as you normally would.

Privacy Counts

Your information will never be sold, rented,or shared with anyone else. Bulletproof
privacy is a core commitment of AGLOCO.

Earn Passive Income While Surfing!

By installing the Agloco web browser plug-in, you can actually earn income from regular web surfing in 4 ways:

A kickback for browsing

You earn an automatic share of Agloco’s revenue based on the time you spend each month browsing the web with their viewbar installed. So that’s basically passive income for something you’d be doing anyway.

Company shares

You earn shares of stock in the company based on your monthly browsing with the viewbar. That could amount to zip, or it could be something you later sell for cash.

Referral income

You earn a bigger share of #1 and #2 by referring others to the program, much like an affiliate program. You also get some kind of bonus from the referrals of those you originally referred. This is probably why the program has been spreading through blogs lately, since a popular blog can efficiently build a large network of referrals.

Revenue sharing

You earn a share of the revenue whenever an
Agloco member buys something, such as from a browser ad, an affiliate link, or by doing a search from the viewbar.

It As Easy As 1, 2, 3 and 4

1. Become a member

2. Invite your friends

3. Download the Viewbar

4. You are now owner of Agloco Company, literally...

How Does It Work?

Once you sign up on their website, you will be able to download the Viewbar software, a free toolbar-sized application (half the size of a traditional Windows tool bar) that quietly sits on your desktop without ever hampering your online habits. That’s all you need to do!

Just continue using the Internet as you used to… no need to change your habits!Don’t want to see or use the Viewbar at any given time? Just minimize it and the Viewbar stops working!

Every time you use the Viewbar™ to do an Internet search, AGLOCO earns money from the search engine providers.

There are different ways AGLOCO can make money for its Members:

1. Cash: You get cash by surfing the Internet while the Viewbar is running. AGLOCO™ ’s profits are distributed back to its Members. And you can also receive real-time discounts should you choose to purchase from AGLOCO™ ’s partners. They will never include gambling or adult entertainment sites as partners.

2. Shares: In addition to cash, AGLOCO will give out shares in the company to its Members. Eventually, AGLOCO plans to go public and will be traded on the London Stock Exchange AIM. You can start earning stock options by keeping Viewbar active while you surf. In addition, you will gain extra shares by referring active users to AGLOCO (they lose nothing).